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DRB Systems still providing technical support during coronavirus pandemic

AKRON, Ohio — The DRB Systems technical support team, known to customers as the Knowledge Center, has seamlessly transitioned to remote work while still providing excellent support for its point-of-sale and other carwash technology solutions in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press release.

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In compliance with Ohio’s stay-at-home order, the Knowledge Center’s 105 team members are now supporting customers from their homes, according to Kim Cantrell, DRB’s vice president of service delivery.

“We are using the latest tools, including our cloud-based CRM, Salesforce and a phone system that uses softphones to allow agents to receive and make calls just like they were in the office,” Cantrell said. “Our regional team leads and supervisors are utilizing online dashboards to maintain visibility of team performance to ensure we are still maintaining the level of service we do inside DRB headquarters.”

Team leads and supervisors are also able to access real-time reporting that shows them which agents are speaking with which customers, the release noted.

They are utilizing Microsoft Teams to answer technicians’ questions and provide them with assistance to resolve issues quickly, the release added.

They also have a help assistant built into their issue ticketing system to give agents easy access to coaches when needed, the release stated.

“Although nothing takes the place of working together in the same building, we were prepared for this and we quickly transitioned our entire Knowledge Center to work from home,” Cantrell said. “I am so proud of our team and their dedication to maintaining a high level of service in the face of adversity.”


In the last 30 days, the Knowledge Center has received 15,141 calls, about 20% lower than normal due to carwashes that have closed as a result of the pandemic, Cantrell said.

However, many customers that are closed down are taking advantage of the time to upgrade hardware and prepare for when they will re-open, the release noted.

“We are here to help in any way our customers need,” Cantrell said.

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