BELMONT, CA ― A man here is facing six months in jail or a $500 fine for washing his car on his driveway, The Daily Journal reported.

The story said Vic Trierweiler, who said he can't afford to take his car to a commercial water on a regular basis, was warned by the city back in April that “washing activities can only be performed on vegetated or grassy areas where the wash water can be absorbed into the ground instead of allowing it to enter the storm drain system.”

Trierweiler was talked to by a city inspector who even offered him a coupon to a commercial wash.

The city, however, has not outlawed washing a car at home in any way, but only the practice of allowing the wash water to go into the storm drains.

Trierweiler said in the story, “I have made a conscious effort to use biodegradable soap to minimize the effects on the environment.”

Councilwoman Coralin Feierbach said she was surprised to hear of Trierweiler's possible jail sentence. “No one should go to jail for washing their cars. I didn’t know it was prevented. It’s not clear. It’s a weird one."