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FL carwash manager sends out a warning to drivers

ORLANDO, FL — The manager of the Octopus Car Wash is telling drivers to take special precautions this time of year.

ORLANDO, FL — The manager of the Octopus Car Wash here is warning drivers to wash their cars as soon as possible if they have been "hit" by lovebugs, a UPI story reported.

The May 13 story said Sam Bryant suggested using deflectors to divert the insects away and then to take their cars to a carwash.

Love bugs in this state are keeping carwashes very busy

"Our business has doubled this last week," Bryant said in the story. "We have to order a special cleaner and special pads to remove them.

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What exactly are lovebugs?

The following is according to America's Wetland Foundation: Members of the March Fly family (Bibionidae), our local black and orange love or honeymoon “bugs” (Plecia nearctica) are among the more primitive flies.  The adults feed on flowers and the larvae consume humus in the soil.  Larvae may be very numerous and are often gregarious, being found in great numbers within a single cavity in the soil.  As you would imagine, they are very important ecologically as decomposers and as a relatively low link in the food chain.

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