BIRMINGHAM, AL — A recent news piece by WRBC's Fox6 News revealed what to look for when choosing a carwash.

The Nov. 18 piece featured an interview with Marcus Kittrell, former president of the Southeastern Car Wash Association who has been in the industry for 30 years.

Fox News Investigative Reporter Ronda Robinson asked, "How do you know if you are getting what you pay for?" when it comes to choosing a wash. 

To answer that question, Robisnon and Kittrell visited various carwashes.

"The technology has changed over the last 10 years. The computer systems, the materials we wash cars with, the reclaim systems used to recycle water," Kittrell said in the story.

Their first stop was at a Goo-Goo Express Wash. For a basic wash, "you want to look at the wheels, the door handles, hard for brushes to get in there, check around mirrors," he said in the story.

They also visited a touchless autowash, which apparently didn't wash off all of the dirt. The owner, however, offered them another wash for free.

Next, they visited another wash, which also didn't wash away all of the dirt. The owner of this wash said they would wash the car again and would call for a maintenance person to come and check out the equipment.

"…if you are not happy with the results let the someone know. Most businesses will let you go through a second time," the story said.

To view the entire report, click here.