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From the show: How to develop unconventional marketing techniques

CHICAGO — An education session at The Car Wash Show™ helped explain to those in the carwash industry unique ways to market their business.


CHICAGO — Dr. Doug Ross of Franklin University spoke at an education session titled “Developing Unconventional Marketing Tactics” at The Car Wash Show™.

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Ross said that people in the industry often think that creative marketing is going to be difficult for them, but that it doesn’t have to be, and that there are things that can be done to make marketing easier.

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He said you don’t have to be “super creative, [and that] you can learn from others.” Everyone sees hundreds of marketing ideas every day, according to Ross, and you should take note of the ones you like, and learn from them.


The “throng of exclusivity” is something he said works well to market a wash. He gave the example of how coupons that have words like “limited number” and “exclusive” are much more likely to be used because people feel special for being part of a select company.

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Companies can also benefit from reaching their direct market in unique ways. Ross cited Red Bull as an example of a company that will “target” its market by going out into the public, and giving away free Red Bull products to those doing outdoor activities.


Rewarding creative thinking is another important aspect of the creative process he explained at the session. Ross encourages owners and managers not to say things like, “that’s a good idea, but…” and instead say things like “that’s a good idea, and…” which will create a better environment for unique thinking.

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