NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — According to News 3 WTKR, the owner of a Newport News carwash is asking the community for help finding two of his customers.

On Saturday, August 11th, according to the article, surveillance cameras from Harpersville Car Wash, a self-serve carwash in Newport News, captured a vehicle driving straight into a wall of the business.

From the surveillance video, it appears that the person in the driver’s seat lost control of the car and drove into a wall of the business while another person stood outside of the car, the article continued.

The person outside of the car then took the keys from the driver, backed the car up and proceeded to wash the car, the article stated.

The owner, Brandon De Le Garza, says the customers never alerted him to the damage. He found out about the situation from a friend who saw the aftermath, the article continued.

The damage is so extensive two carwash bays are now closed, and De Le Garza says it will cost almost $5,000 to have the wall fixed, according to the article.

The car in the video is a black Kia SUV and there should be substantial front-end damage to it, the article continued.

The owner is offering a reward in the form of carwashes for anyone who can help find the people responsible, the article concluded.

If you know anything about the car or customers involved, call (757) 871-0499.

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