ELKHART, Ind. — June 5 marks this year’s World Environment Day, according to The Elkhart Truth.

Surveys show that over half of Americans wash their cars at home at least once per month, stated the release, however, home carwashing could result in damaging effects from the runoff water, harming the environment.

Experts suggest using a commercial carwash is a more environmentally friendly approach, reported the release, and in honor of World Environment Day, The Elkhart Truth is encouraging people to learn why carwashes are a better option for the environment.

“The runoff from washing your car at home contains grease, gasoline, oil, exhaust residue, bits of rubber and road tar,” informs the release. “Oil products that flow unfiltered into streams and lakes can harm fish and wildlife that drink the water.”

If a detergent used to wash a car contains phosphates, which is a chemical often used in fertilizer, this can impact lakes and rivers by encouraging algae growth, continued the release.

Most carwashes use 60 percent less water for the entire washing process than the water used just by rinsing a car at home, noted the release.

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