NORTH HIGHLANDS, Calif. — The Car Wash Show™ is a time to learn all about the industry, and one great chance to learn is when PurClean will be hosting an educational seminar titled “Optimizing Your Water Efficiency by Partnering With Your Local Municipality,” according to a press release.            

New Wave Industries, PurClean’s parent company, will be hosting the seminar with Brandon Leister, conservation planner for San Antonio Water System. For the seminar, New Wave’s engineering and sales team will be speaking about best practices and explaining how to save money with water conservation, and Leister will be introducing water saving ideas via Skype.

The session will take place April 1 at 8:30am in room #S104A in the convention center.

Clarification: The ICA had advertised the PurClean session for March 31. This was an error, and the actual date for the session is 8:30 a.m. on April 1.

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“The knowledge of quality water and intelligent water management practices are vital tools in operating a successful and profitable carwash,” according to the release. “Conservation is the cheapest source of water, every gallon of water you save is a gallon you don’t have to buy.”

Attendees must have an “All Access Pass/Badge” and register to attend, seating is limited, according to the release. PurClean will be at Booth # 1833 for The Car Wash Show™

To visit the PurClean website, click here