DETROIT — Several carwashes are having issues with driverless cars rolling off conveyors and crashing, according

Rodney Watts, general manager for Mr. C’s Car Wash, said these accidents have happened about six times since January, noted the article.

Watts calls them runaways. “You try to catch it and get it under control as quickly as possible safely,” he said in the article.

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Because of its many claims, the carwash’s insurance has increased its deductible to $10,000, shared the article.

In the article, Watts explained that “between the cloth, the high pressure vents, the dryer sets off the keyless entry. If it sets it off more than three times it goes into an anti-collision theft mode.” The cars affected are Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Jax Car Wash has reported having similar issues, stated the article. Ford released a statement saying it has not received any complaints about the problem.

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