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Jeep almost runs over carwash employee

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — According to, on Jan. 27th a Jeep driver nearly ran over a carwash employee when pulling out of the carwash tunnel and then drove over a concrete barrier, flipping over onto the street.

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Garrett Cramp, an employee of the carwash, said he was ushering the Jeep out of the carwash and gave the driver a signal to press on the brakes to let the rollers finish spitting the Jeep out, the article continued.

“We don’t want to damage our track, let alone damage his vehicle, so I gave him the command to stop,” Cramp said. “It happens every now and then, even if you’re a regular or not: They’ll hit the gas instead of the brake, and this time it just ended up being a lot more deadly than it should have been.”


When the Jeep hit the gas, Cramp just barely got out of harm’s way by pushing himself off the Jeep’s front end, the article noted.

The Jeep then drove through a shallow concrete barrier and rolled onto E. Sheldon St., the article stated.

While there was traffic on the road, no other vehicles were damaged in the accident, the article added.

Cramp and other employees of the carwash then jumped down to check on the driver, a 76-year-old man, the article continued.

When the Prescot Fire Department arrived, they used tools to free the driver from the vehicle, and he was then transported to the hospital for evaluation but had only minor injuries, the article noted.


Mackey van Huizen, the owner of the carwash, said the Jeep driver was just a regular customer who had purchased a new vehicle, the article stated.

“Adjusting to a new car, he just did the wrong thing,” van Huizen said. “We’ve certainly seen YouTube videos of it happening elsewhere, but not here.”

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