WEST PALM BEACH, FL — The lovebugs have invaded the south and carwashes here in the state of Florida are soaking up the profits as a result, wptv reported.

The May 7 story stated quoted Jordan Bublick, who was driving in Tallahassee, FL. "I remember the first one hit the car, I thought it was a bird but they kept coming and so I figured they were lovebugs." Then, hundreds of bugs smashed into his 2010 Lexus and Bublick couldn't see out of his windshield.

The bugs, known as "plecia nearctica" make two big flights per year: One of those months is May and the other is September.

They’re back! Lovebugs touch down in Florida

According to a NewsSun.com report, the bugs have also invaded Sebring, FL, "When they smash onto a vehicle, love bugs leave behind an acid that hardens like glue within just minutes. Given a few days, that acid can burn through to the white undercoat, leaving speckles and pock marks to scar a car's surface. Their remnants are difficult to remove even with soap and water and a lot of muscle," the story stated.

To read the wptv report, click here.

To read the NewsSun.com report, click here.