We here at Professional Carwashing & Detailing are saddened to report on the passing of Lucian Grant "Mac" McElroy, the founder of Provo-Vest, Inc., of Glendale, AZ.

McElroy, who died in a car crash yesterday, was 86. Born October 20, 1926, McElroy was a long-time friend of Sonny Fazio who passed away in April. The accompanying photo is of McElroy and Sonny.

Sonny's son, Paul, has released the following statement  on the passing of McElroy.

"It was a great shock for us today to learn of the passing of Lucian Grant “Mac” McElroy, the founder of Proto-Vest, Inc. Mac lost his life as a result of a car accident on May 8, 2013. Mac was one of those old school guys whose handshake was all you needed to seal a deal. Personally that is exactly how I routinely did business with Mac. He was a true inventor having a multitude of patents credited to him for things he had designed over the years. He and my father had a running joke in that Mac was eight days older than dad so he demanded that Sonny respect him as his elder. They routinely sent each other birthday cards each year – some humorous, some serious, and some that touched on some deeply personal topics that only guys from their generation and with so much history could discuss. I am so fortunate to have gotten a chance to see Mac at the show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and tell him I love him and get another hug from him. I never would have believed it would be my last."

Proto-Vest has posted the following message on its website: We are saddened by the sudden loss of Mac, the founder and CEO of Proto-Vest Inc.
Even at the age of 86, Mac was a vivacious leader with a passion for life. He celebrated innovation and worked with an ethic that very few can achieve.
Proto-Vest will strive to uphold the dedication and reliability that Mac was known for, so that we can honor him by continuing to deliver superior products that customers can depend on. Here's to a life well lived. Mac, you were one of a kind.