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Man brandishes loaded gun at carwash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man started loading a gun in open view at a carwash.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — According to, employees at Car Spa called police to report that a man walked into the carwash and started loading a gun in plain sight.

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“I actually saw him with the gun, just like, slowly loading it. A lot of people in there with kids; he was about to do something,” said Tyler King, an employee of Car Spa.

King and Ronaldo Rodriguez, another Car Spa employee, tried to keep everyone calm, but it was difficult, they said, because they didn’t know what the armed man was going to do next, the article continued.

“He literally had his gun out where everyone can see, and he was just loading it,” said King.

“I see him literally look at both of us and pointing the gun out,” Rodriguez said.

According to the employees, the man did not threaten anyone, demand anything or fire the gun, but both believed he had malicious intentions, the article noted.


“He … he was ready,” said Rodriguez.

Within minutes, police surrounded the carwash and made a quick arrest without anyone getting hurt, the article concluded.

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