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Man in ‘Scream’ mask robs carwash

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men wearing masks robbed a Zips Car Wash.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — According to, two masked men robbed a Zips Car Wash, and one of them was wearing a “Scream” mask.

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The other suspect wore a gray shirt over his head and a T-shirt over his face, the article continued.

According to a surveillance video, the two robbers walked into an office at the carwash, and the one in the mask held a gun to an employee’s back before taking money out of a safe, the article noted; then, he demanded more money from another safe while still pointing the gun.

“It’s a little scary especially seeing him with the mask and all that because that’s something you don’t expect in your neighborhood,” said Ryan Spearman, a nearby resident, upon seeing the video. “I’m glad the guy who was robbed is OK, but it’s terrifying to think that could happen again,” said Spearman.


The two men took the money and ran; they are still on the loose, the article concluded.

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