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Man uses car to pin armed stranger at carwash

NEW ORLEANS — A man who was cleaning his car defended himself from an armed stranger.


NEW ORLEANS — According to an article on, a man pinned an armed stranger to the wall of a River Ridge carwash with his car and was then shot in the abdomen and elbow.

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The man was vacuuming his vehicle just after midnight on Nov. 27th when the shooting took place, the article stated.

A deputy who responded to calls reporting gunfire found an empty Ponitac Grand Am with both gunshot and heavy front end damage at the carwash, the article noted.

Just after 12:20 a.m., the article continued, police learned that the wounded man had arrived at a local hospital.

The victim told authorities that he had been in the driver’s seat cleaning his car when he saw a man clad all in black, including with a black bandana, approaching with a gun, the article stated.


The victim then drove his car towards the stranger and pinned him to the carwash wall with the car, according to the article.

When the victim then shifted to reverse and escape, the article continued, the armed stranger began shooting the car and ended up hitting the victim’s lower abdomen and elbow.

The victim’s girlfriend told authorities that, meanwhile, she had arrived at the carwash in a separate vehicle, but when she saw the armed man, she began running down the street, the article stated.

After the stranger stopped shooting, he fled the scene, the article reported.

Afterwards, the man who was shot got into his girlfriend’s car and drove himself and his girlfriend to the hospital, the article noted.


The incident report stated that the victim said he “had no known enemies and did not know who would wish to harm him,” according to the article.

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