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Mobile carwash teams up with Austin tech companies

AUSTIN, Texas — Preserve Auto Spa, a startup carwash business by Brooks Wiley, is performing the carwashing services for tech companies in Austin.


AUSTIN, Texas — Two large tech companies in Austin are now offering their employees environmentally friendly carwash services, which clean the workers’ cars in the company parking lot, according to AustinInno.

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In Silicon Valley, many businesses, which include seven Google campuses, also offer mobile carwashing as an additional perk, stated the article.

Preserve Auto Spa, a startup carwash business by Brooks Wiley, is performing the carwashing services for the tech companies in Austin, reported the article.

After being laid off at a Dallas-based e-commerce company, Wiley came up with the idea for the mobile wash, informed the article, when he noticed a post on Facebook which showed a clean Porsche that was washed with a green carwash solution.

After a little bit of investigation, added the article, Wiley was on the phone with the CEO of Eco Green Auto Clean to discuss a potential partnership which would bring the environmentally friendly product from the Bay Area to Austin to be offered as a perk for the flourishing tech companies.


“There’s like this arms race with tech companies to get top talent,” said Wiley in the article. “And these little perks can make the difference between hiring somebody or not. And we’re trying to get integrated into companies with a culture of sustainability.”

With severe droughts impacting the Southern and Western regions of the U.S., including California and Texas, more people are conscious about their water use, stated the article, and Eco Green Auto Clean’s plant-based product enables people to wash cars using less than a cup of water.


To help spread the word of Preserve Auto Spa, reported the article, Wiley set up a demo carwash at an Austin-based green home building materials store, Treehouse, at which he met people from two large tech companies that will now offer his services.

Employees will receive an email about the carwashing services being offered and can sign up and pay online, noted the article, and then they park in one of the reserved parking spaces on the day of their carwash service.

Prices range from $25 to $35 for an interior/exterior carwash, added the article.

“A lot of people just like the idea of helping the environment and saving water,” stated Wiley in the article. “A typical carwash will waste like 100 gallons of water in a typical wash. This is like a cup of water.”


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