CHICAGO — Craig Nelson took over as the COO of NDP Group LLC, which runs Nascar Car Wash, on May 1 and he wants to improve business without spinning out, according to

Nelson thinks the chain can continue to grow, but understands that the growth has to be organic. “Controlled growth is an absolute challenge,” he said. “You see brands grow too quickly and uncontrolled,” which can lead to their demise.

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There is no dominant company in the carwash business, the article notes, and annual revenue in the industry is $9 billion. Nelson described the wash industry as fragmented: “There are really good operators and some folks who aren't so good. You have to be working with the really good operators. It only takes a few bad experiences to drag the reputation down.”

Nascar Car Wash, which owns the exclusive rights to develop washes using the Nascar name for 20 years, features mostly express washes, and each location costs around $2.5 million to develop. The locations generate over $1 million annually, said NDP President Dean Tomich in the story.

The company is looking to develop up to 10 more locations.

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