CHATTANOOGA, TN — Chattanooga Detail opened last summer, and the owners said they survived a rough winter, reported.

The April 9 story stated that now the weather is warming up, the owners are hoping for more customers. "Winter is a rough time for our industry, but we made it through," Co-owner David Hopkins said in the story. "Things are looking up."

Nice weather doubles carwash's business

The business uses steam technology to clean, and they offer everything from exterior hand washes to full details. While a hand wash, rinse and air dry starts at $5, most packages and services run from about $12 to $350. A wash and wax combo starts at $49.99.

Car cleaning is especially important in the spring due to pollen and bugs. "Bugs contain organic acids and complex proteins that eat through your clear coat," Hopkins said in the story. "It's important to remove that."

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