CHICAGO — If you love “Shark Tank,”  or have a great idea, The Car Wash Show is your chance to pitch your idea to Daymond John and Robert Herjavec from the show, according to an ICA news release.

The release states, “Attendees will receive invaluable business insight and advice from these self-made millionaires during the keynote session on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.”

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Those with bright ideas must submit them by March 7, and be ready to present their ideas during the keynote.

Daymond John is the successful fashion icon behind the FUBU brand, as well as a highly sought after branding expert, author, consultant and business speaker. A native of Queens, John got his start in the apparel business by mortgaging the family home and turning it into a makeshift factory for FUBU clothing. He sold his first big apparel order at – you got it – a trade show.

Robert Herjavec is a technology entrepreneur who has sold two tech companies and now heads an IT security and infrastructure integration firm, The Herjavec Group. The son of Croatian immigrants, Herjavec was waiting tables during the dot-com craze while launching his first technology company by night. He sold BRAK systems to AT&T in 2000, and helped sell another tech company to Nokia for $225 million.