DETROIT —Mike’s Auto Spa was the target of a narcotics drug raid on Tuesday, but the police did not find what they were looking for, according to My Fox Detroit.

“I was shocked,” said Mike Burton, the owner of the wash. “We have been here six months already, had no problems up until today.”

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Surveillance footage captured the raid. Men were filmed leaving the wash in a silver Tahoe, and were handcuffed and taken into custody. The officers discovered guns, and around $4,000 in cash.

The issues for employees came after the arrests, when the raid continued. “Police was everywhere,” said Burton. “Doors knocked down, kicked down. My employees all on the floor, carrying customers all on the floor. You know, I’m scared to death,” he said.

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One employee claims an officer put his knee to his back hard enough that he couldn’t breathe, and was also verbally insulted by the officer.

Police told the newspaper they had a warrant, and a tip drugs were being sold out of the carwash. The only thing found during the search was a small bag of marijuana.

Burton said he has filed a complaint with internal affairs, and added that what the police did was unacceptable. The carwash is still under investigation.

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