BEDFORD, NY — The showdown over a controversial carwash here was postponed when the zoning board canceled a meeting earlier this month, Bedford-KatonahPatch reported.

Approval may be granted for move across the street

The Oct. 4 story stated that Splash Car Wash lost its lease in 2010, and the wash’s move across the street required action by the city’s planning board and zoning board of appeals. Though the board initially looked ready to approve the plan, nearby residents have objected vocally.

Residents have cited multiple traffic, safety and noise concerns with the plan for a high-volume carwash. One concerned party wrote a letter calling the carwash “highly dangerous” and saying residents were “terrified” of the business. Another letter then responded, answering some of the claims.

Letter calls on city to deny detail/wash/lube location

The zoning board was expected to act on Splash’s appeals for the required parking and fence variances, and this would have cleared the way for final planning board action. The zoning board of appeals Chairman Daivd Menken said Splash representatives requested a delay pending county review of the proposal.

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