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Student’s sports bag stolen at carwash

PLUM, Pa. — Accidentally left behind, it was stolen in minutes.


PLUM, Pa. — According to, Ryan Adams, 16, a two-sport athlete at Franklin Regional High School, was vacuuming out his dad’s car at the Country Car Wash on the afternoon of Feb. 18th, and afterwards, someone stole his sports bag.

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“I opened the door and set my bag down on the ground. Then, we took the floor mats out and everything and cleaned those off,” Adams said.

After putting the mats back in the car, Adams drove off, forgetting his sports bag on the ground, which held a couple baseball bats, his wallet, bank card, school ID, driver’s license and some cash, the article continued.

Just a few minutes later, he realized he left the sports bag behind and circled back to the carwash, but it was already gone, the article noted.

“Literally, three minutes down the street, we pulled back in the carwash, and all of a sudden, my bag’s not here,” he said.


Luckily for police, the sports bag theft was caught on the carwash’s security camera, the article noted, which showed it was a man who had been cleaning his dark Infinity SUV in the next bay.

“The man goes back into the bay over there,” said Adams. “He’s like, ‘I’m not going to go [take anything] yet.’ He then walks out of the bay, grabs my bag, runs back to his car. Then, he speeds off with my stuff.”

Ryan’s father, David Adams, said, “A grown man driving a nice vehicle decides to come over and steal my son’s bag. It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. It’s just sad to see; he just wants to play ball and have his gear, and unfortunately, the man just sped off with it.”


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