LINCOLN, NE — Lincoln police have received 41 reports of coin machine break-ins this year alone, and the most recent was at the Power Wash Car Wash, reported.

The Sept. 21 story stated that at around 2 a.m. on Sept. 9, surveillance footage captured a masked robber trying to pry open a change machine at the wash.

“He was at the carwash for 25 minutes trying to pry on these machines, and when he walks up to the machines, it looks like he had two pry bars in the sleeves of his shirt,” Lincoln Police Officer Erin Spilker said.

The robber was not able to open the machine, but he did cause $500 in damage. Spilker said in the story that this is not the only time this robber tried to crack the coin machine; he tried it two months prior. “Similarities between the two and damages really make us think that it's probably the same person.”

Lincoln police also think the same man is responsible for other robberies around town.

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