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Surveillance video shows carwash cashier robbed at knife-point

CONCORD, Calif. — A hooded and masked woman walked in and pulled out a kitchen knife.


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CONCORD, Calif. — According to, surveillance footage at the Rain & Shine Car Wash caught the act of a masked woman robbing the cashier at knife-point just after 8 a.m. on Nov. 28th.

In the video, the woman points the large knife at the cashier, demanding cash, the article continued.

“It was a kitchen knife, a huge kitchen knife,” the victim, Ali Magowhary, told KRON4.

Magowhary said that he was on the phone when a hooded woman wearing a mask suddenly walked in, the article noted.

“Well, she surprised me,” Magowhary said. “All of a sudden she pulls out a huge knife from inside her pocket and demanded I give her the cash.”

After making several unsuccessful demands that Magowhary open the safe, the video shows her leaving on foot with the money from the register, the article stated.

Magowhary said he carefully followed behind her and watched her cross the street before disappearing behind a McDonald’s, the article concluded.

Read the article and watch the footage here.

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