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Thief snatches cash out of carwash employee’s hand

A man asked a Mike’s Carwash employee for change and then stole it.


FORT WAYNE, Ind. — According to, on Mar. 16th, a man asked a Mike’s Carwash employee for change, grabbed cash from her hand and ran away.

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A police officer responded to the carwash in reference to a strong-armed robbery, the article continued.

The employee reported that a man approached her in the parking lot and asked if she could give him change for three $1 coins, the article stated.

When she pulled out some money and started to separate it, the man grabbed the cash from her hands and ran away, the article noted.

However, the thief left the dollar coins behind, the article added, which the police took as evidence to be checked for fingerprints.

Furthermore, the business had a video of the incident, which showed the man wearing a red coat similar to the carwash employees; in addition, the Citilink bus station across the street had surveillance footage of the man standing at the station before he walked over to the carwash, the article concluded.


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