BEDFORD, NY — The county planning board recommended a number of changes for a controversial carwash here, BedfordPatch reported.

The Oct. 26 story stated that the changes could eliminate the need for requested zoning variances. The 1.67 acre site is zoned commercial in the front and residential in the rear.

Showdown over Splash Car Wash postponed

Based on this, if the buildings are moved to the front of the site, no variances would be required. A proposed rock cut and retaining wall would be unnecessary as well.

Also recommended were architectural modifications and plan revisions to make the site more pedestrian friendly and prevent problems with a bus stop located in front of the property.

Letter calls on city to deny carwash move

Residents in the area have objected to the carwash plan due to traffic, safety and noise concerns. A representative of the neighbors behind the property said the new recommendations would not be enough to make the site safe.

A zoning board chairman noted that the recommendations are non-binding, but they will be taken into consideration during the next board meeting on Nov. 14.

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