EVANSTON, IL — Police here arrested a 44-year-old man after he stole an expensive purse from a vehicle at a carwash, EvanstonPatch reported.

The April 2 story stated that the woman whose purse was stolen and two other people chased down the alleged thief. The 49-year-old woman was waiting in line for a carwash when the man reached into her car and took the Louis Vitton purse valued at approximately $2,600.

The man took off running, and though the victim was startled, she jumped out of her car and chased the man. He finally returned the purse, but then he tried to run away again.

Active meth lab found in car at carwash

Two other men chased after him along with a police officer, and he was finally taken into custody. “The Evanston Police Department commends the actions of the victim and the two citizen witnesses during this incident,” police said in a press release.

Steven Elmo Hatfield was charged with one felony count of burglary. Hatfield was recently released from the Illinois Department of Corrections for retail theft, and police issued a parole violation warrant following the arrest.

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