AKRON, Ohio — A carwash’s liability skyrockets once it puts its employees in charge of handling its customers’ vehicles.

For that reason, it is important to have strict rules in place for employees on handling customer cars; otherwise, accidents happen.

This week’s video shows how one such accident escaped the confines of the carwash and endangered people on the street.

In Walvis Bay, Namibia, on July 28th, CCTV captured footage of a carwash employee, who was trying to reverse a customer’s Toyota Fortuner from the drying station to the polishing station but lost control, according to www.timeslive.co.za.

The video shows the Fortuner reversing at high speed into an intersection and crashing into two cars before hitting a building, the article noted.

Afterwards, the car drives back into the intersection slowly before coming to a stop at the gas station, the article added.

A Puma Energy spokesperson told local news outlet News24 that it was taking steps to ensure that such an incident would not happen again, the article concluded.

Read the original article and watch the video here.