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Video of the Week: Truck crashes into Tesla in carwash


AKRON, Ohio — When loading vehicles onto a conveyor, it’s imperative that employees make sure drivers follow the directions: foot off the brakes, car in neutral and hands off the steering wheel.

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Unfortunately, it’s obvious from this video that one driver did not get the memo about the car being in neutral.

According to, in this video, the rear-view camera on a Tesla Model 3 captures the moment a Chevy Silverado pulls into the carwash onto the conveyor belt and suddenly lurches forward, ramming into the back of the Tesla.

The owner of the Tesla said there was quite a bit of damage to the car, as the impact caused the trunk lid to open, allowing lots of water to seep in and soak his belongings, the article noted.


Read the original article and watch the video here.

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