SAN JOSE, Calif. — Classic Car Wash – Delta Queen, located in Campbell, California, will offer half-priced carwashes on June 17, hosted by West Valley Clean Water Program’s Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollutant Prevention Program, according to San Jose Mercury News – Campbell.

The carwash event aims to “prevent runoff water containing pollutants from entering storm drains and creeks,” stated the article.

Classic Car Wash is a regular partner and venue for the program, which began in August 2003, reported Kathy Ottenberg, a spokesperson for the West Valley Clean Water Program, in the article.

Each spring, the program hosts several carwashes throughout West Valley, the article continued.

“Commercial carwashes use recycled water,” said Ottenberg in the article. “There’s no runoff making its way to our creeks in the West Valley.”

Last year in June, 91 cars were washed at the event, noted the article.

“We’re very grateful Delta Classic Car Wash is a long-standing partner,” stated Ottenberg in the article.

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