DACULA, GA — A woman here called 911 claiming $8,000 in jewelry had been stolen from her car at the local carwash, DaculaPatch reported.

The May 25 story stated that the woman left her car at the Hamilton Mill Car Wash and walked next door to do some shopping. The customer later told police that she left a diamond tennis bracelet worth $5,000 and three gold bracelets worth $1,000 a piece under a floor mat on the passenger seat.

When the customer returned to pick up her car after two hours of shopping, she didn’t realize the jewelry was missing until she left the carwash. She returned to the wash, but the manager refused to give her any information about who had cleaned her car.

After she called the police, a manager said there was no floor mat on the seat of the vehicle. Also, the police officer reviewed the security video but did not see any evidence of theft.