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Woman caught ‘huffing’ at carwash

DUBOIS, Pa. — The woman had been charged similarly almost a year ago.


DUBOIS, Pa. — According to www.gantdaily.com, on April 6th, Hunter Nicole Bell, 21, was found passed out in a vehicle in a bay at South Brady Street Car Wash after she was seen “huffing.”

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She has since been charged by the Sandy Township police with M3 counts of smelling/inhaling toxic-releasing substances and possession of solvent for the release of toxic fumes in addition to a count of public drunkenness, the article continued.

One witness, who called 911, the article noted, claimed to see the woman inhaling from a can of duster and also noted that she was not responding to his knocking on the driver’s side window.

Bell did comply and roll down her window when police arrived on the scene, the article noted, but the officer stated that it was difficult to understand her because of her slurred speech and the fact that she seemed confused about where she was.


According to the officer, the article added, when she was asked to step out of the vehicle, she reportedly had trouble opening the door.

Bell admitted to purchasing the duster for the purpose of inhaling the fumes because it helped her destress, the article stated.

The officer did find a 10-ounce can of Ultra Duster underneath the driver’s seat, the article noted.

Bell declined to have a medical examination, the article added, and she was released to her boyfriend.

Bell faced similar charges in May 2016 when witnesses saw her huffing in a parking lot, and she pleaded guilty to those charges, the sentence for which was a one-year probation and fines of $473, the article concluded.


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