ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — A woman was charged with murdering a man at Big Bucket Car Wash here, reported.

The Feb. 5 story stated that the 35-year-old woman is charged with the shooting death of Adrian Paul MacDonald, 39, on Feb. 3. He was shot at the carwash early in the morning.

Botched robbery costs owner $3,000

Police say the woman and the victim knew each other, and they are asking for public help with the case. A detective said in the article that a car owned by the woman’s family was seized by police and is being forensically examined.

The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds, but police do not believe that drugs or other illicit activities are involved. Other arrests cannot be ruled out at this time.

Carwash improving site security after vandalism

Police are reviewing surveillance footage from the area recorded during the crime. "We believe that will form an important part of our case in regard to the arrest of this woman," an inspector said in the story.

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