HELENA, MT — A woman here has been charged with evidence tampering and has been accused of washing the remains of a man off of her car at a carwash, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

The Nov. 12 story said the man had died along Interstate 90 in September after apparently being hit by several cars, according to police. Wyran V. Young has been charged with failure to remain at the scene of the accident and she allegedly "washed the man's remains off" of her pickup truck. Her father has also been charged with tampering with evidence. 

The same day of the accident, a resident reported "finding a body part at a carwash," the story said.

A clerk at a gas station said she overheard a woman, described as Young, telling a male passenger, "I think I ran over some furniture, there is material hanging beneath the truck."

The man asked the clerk where they could find the nearest gas station and she pointed them to the carwash where the body part was later found.

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