CONEY ISLAND, NY — A carwash here is being blamed for turning Coney Island Avenue into a parking lot, and residents are saying it's causing a traffic "nightmare," according to a Brooklyn Daily story.

The June 21 story said there have been complaints that employees of the Hollywood Car Wash will buff cars that are sitting idle on the avenue.

“It’s a whole ball of wax and there are a lot of factors,” resident Brenda Gannam said in the story. “But people exiting the car wash have to be respectful of the basic traffic laws.”

Another resident, Eva Lewandoswki, said that the carwash's lack of respect for the flow of traffic is causing a "quality of life problem" for the neighborhood. “Here is another business that has expanded in the past few years with no consideration of the environmental impact for the folks who live here,” she said in the story.

The NYPD did confirm that they received calls from people complaining about the carwash but did not confirm whether anything was being done.