CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sam’s Xpress Car Wash LLC announced it plans to build 20 carwashes in Raleigh and its surrounding markets, according to a press release.

The Charlotte-based company currently has eight sites under contract in this market, stated the release, with several already in the permitting phase.

Sam’s Xpress is projected to open six locations in the Raleigh market by the end of this year and 14 more in 2017, reported the release.

In December 2012, Sam’s Xpress opened its first location, continued the release, and now has 11 carwashes in the Charlotte market.

“With a wealth of experience from building and operating these sites,” informed the release, the carwash chain is ready to grow its brand at a faster pace.

In the past three years, added the release, Sam’s Xpress has created hundreds of new jobs and has been voted best carwash by the Fort Mill Times three times in a row.

Sam’s Xpress works to improve neighborhoods by providing clean, professional and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional carwashes, reported the release.

By employing state-of-the-art equipment, the release continued, each location saves an estimated 12 million gallons of freshwater per year, and all chemicals used are environmentally friendly.

Sam’s Xpress also teams up with local organizations within the community, noted the release, and the carwash chain has helped support more than 50 nonprofit organizations throughout the Carolinas.

You can find the release here.