DETROIT — Police Officer Tiniki Gibbs has been suspended due to an incident in 2011 which involved her refusing to wash her patrol car, an story said.

The April 11 story said Gibbs apparently came into work late, was assigned a dirty vehicle, and then refused to take it to the wash. She then is accused of leaving sick and throwing a pen at her superior and then posting negative comments on Facebook.

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Commander John Serba said in the story, "They borrowed a vehicle from the 6th Precinct. This was the vehicle that they had available for her. All she had to do was take it to the carwash."

Gibbs didn't appreciate being asked and said to her superior, "I don't wash cars for a living." The police officer, who has been suspended for 12 days, denies saying that.

Gibbs also apparently posted a picture of the dirty patrol car on Facebook. Her attorney told the Detroit Police Commission that the car was in "extreme disrepair, and unsafe to drive in addition to being dirty."

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