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Infographic: 5 steps to elevate customer experience

Customer experience plays a key role in carwash branding.


When it comes to building a robust and memorable brand for your carwash, good customer experience is critical.

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In the article, “Five customer tactics to boost profits,” featured in a past issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, contributor John Booth discusses why good experiences are essential for effective carwash branding and what carwashes can do to ensure customer satisfaction.

A carwash’s brand isn’t simply a name or logo, explains Booth in the article, a carwash’s brand is what customers think of when they hear or see the company’s name. “In this sense, the ‘customer experience’ is how a carwash’s brand is developed,” he adds.

“Clearly, positive customer experiences improve a business’ chance of success, and research demonstrates that they also have direct financial impacts,” asserts Booth in the article. “To quantify the power of customer experience, a study by Bain & Company noted that increasing customer retention rates by just five percent can boost profits by 25 to 95 percent.”


To effectively build and maintain a profitable car care brand, the PC&D team created the infographic below to help you enhance your customer experience efforts.

Customer experience infographic

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