DECATUR, Ill. — Decatur Care Rescue Mission helps homeless residents get back on their feet with work at its own Decatur Cares Auto, according to the Herald-Review.

The shop details cars, changes oil, replaces shocks and struts, overhauls engines and more, said the article.

One of its employees, Robert Brownlee Jr., was back on drugs after his release from Southwestern Correctional Center, noted the article. The shop put him to work, and he has stayed clean since.

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“We're going to be doing service and sales here,” shared Executive Director Jonathan Kelm, in the article. “We're not just giving residents of the mission a handout, we're also giving them a hand up and rebuilding the community at the same time.”

Kelm has plans to hire a female resident of Grace House, the ministry’s shelter for homeless women, to answer the phone and act as the mechanic’s helper, stated the article.

Revenue from the auto shop will support Decatur Cares Rescue Mission, which can house up to 100 people, but currently has 30 residents, reported the article.

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