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Online event calls for everyone to wash their cars to bring rain

PHOENIX — A humorous event online hopes to bring on monsoon season by having everyone wash their cars.


PHOENIX — According to, some Phoenix-area residents are calling on Murphy’s Law to bring the area some rain.

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Meris Carmichael created a tongue-in-cheek event on Facebook titled, “Everyone In Phoenix Wash Your Cars So The Monsoon Will Arrive”: a two-day event starting Aug. 30th in a humorous attempt to bring rain, building off the common feeling that as soon as one gets a car washed, it will rain, the article continued.

At the time of reporting, the post had already garnered 2,300 people saying they will participate with 4,800 saying they are interested in the event.

Carmichael said she made the event because she thought it was a humorous way to spread the word that monsoons are growing weaker, the article noted.

“I just thought it would be a funny thing that everyone laughed at,” Carmichael said, but the next thing she knew, her phone was constantly buzzing. “I was like, ‘Oh, what have I done?’”

According to the National Weather Service, this summer has seen below-average rainfall in Arizona and will likely rank as the third warmest on record since 1896, the article stated.

It has also been reported that the 2019 monsoon is so far less powerful compared to past years, the article noted.

Carmichael thinks the event has gathered so much interest because Arizonans have noticed the change in the weather, the article added.

“I think [the event] has a very unique, very Arizonan appeal where we’re all sitting around like, ‘All right, it’s that time of year — where are the clouds? What’s happening?’” she said.


Carmichael noted that she has received some comments on the page that are concerned with wasting water, so she added another tongue-in-cheek response:

“‘We’re wasting water by all washing our cars at once!’ Imagine the deluge of rain that could be brought about by 2/3 of the metro of Phoenix deep washing and waxing their cars via Murphy’s Law. … It’s likely it would rain for days. You’d wish you drove one of those cool old cars that’s amphibious.”

Read the original article here and check out the event here.

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