LAKEWOOD, CA — After a recent renovation, Lakewood Car Wash & Detail Center is now offering a more environmentally friendly carwash, Hews Media Group reported.

The June 26 story stated that the carwash’s new technology reclaims and recycles wash water, thus reducing usage. Since their water is filtered, treated and recycled, the wash is now a member of the International Carwash Association’s Water Savers program.

In Lakewood, driveway wash water that goes into storm drains is not treated, and it goes straight to the ocean. Lakewood Car Wash only uses about 12 gallons of fresh water per car, and all water discharge will be sewage treated.

The $5.99 express exterior wash here cleans a car in less than five minutes with spot-free drying and free vacuums. “We wanted the new concept to fit conveniently with today’s busy lifestyles,” Alex Shakouri, co-owner, said in the story.

Lakewood will also work with non-profits, schools and churches for financially rewarding and eco-friendly fundraising programs.