Sneak peek: PC&D’s October issue
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Sneak peek: PC&D’s October issue

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — This inside look covers the importance of hiring and retaining quality managers.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The Professional Carwashing & Detailing team recently wrapped up production on the October issue, which features articles aimed to inspire owners and operators to run their businesses more productively.

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In this issue, you will find topics including: appealing to customers’ senses, this year’s Most Valuable Carwasher, the annual Top 50 list of conveyors, an update on door technology, email marketing and more.

For this exclusive sneak peek, the PC&D team pulled an expert from the October article, “The art of hiring and retaining quality managers,” written by Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo, which highlights the importance of maintaining managers with vested interest in success.

“As competition grows, having the right staff members to represent the quality and consistency of your carwash will help separate your location from others in the area. Attracting and retaining qualified managers starts at the interview stage and continues throughout the life of the business relationship. Being an owner, you play a big part in the employees’ successes or failures.”


This article also includes three important steps for effective hiring, according to Stacy Feiner, PsyD, executive coach for the middle market:

  1. Before posting a position, bring several key members of the organization together to discuss and establish the primary goals and objectives of the role.
  2. Use criteria during the interviewing process by asking questions that address the criteria directly.
  3. Bring the small group back together to compare impressions of candidates as a group. Use the criteria to avoid random decision-marking.

We hope you enjoyed this first look at the October issue. Be sure to read this entire article as well as the other great features in the October issue coming soon. And, in case you missed the September issue, check it out here.

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