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Sneak peek: Water management

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In this upcoming July feature, Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo discusses the importance of managing water.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s upcoming July feature, “Fundamentals of water management,” Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo writes about the importance of conserving and improving the world’s most valuable resource.

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“The availability of high-quality water is arguably the most important factor in successful carwash operations,” says DiPaolo. “From rinsing cars and mopping lobby floors to assisting in chemical preparation and even the beverages you might serve at your carwash, it all comes down to water quality. We all know how important water is, but more carwash owners and operators need to view this valuable resource as an important business component and an opportunity to save costs.”

Trends of rising municipal water and sewer costs, abnormal weather patterns, growing public concern for water conservation and other events, DiPaolo continues in the article, have placed the carwash industry under a microscope in recent decades.


He adds, “But without providing a quality wash, which requires quality water, how can owners and operators make everyone happy all of the time? According to those we spoke with for this article, the answer is increasing your water education, using all of your resources and implementing water management\technologies, including reclaim. Increased concern leads to cost savings.”

In the article, Tom Gibney, president of Aqua Bio Technologies LLC, shares insight into three types of water treatment systems available to carwashes:

  • Reuse systems use settling tanks to settle out the heavy solids before the water is reused on cars.
  • Reclaim systems, which are most commonly used, utilize filtration and disinfection to treat used wash water.
  • Water restoration systems use cyclonic separation of solids down to 5 microns. This system uses aeration to prevent any odor when water is reused, and all the chemicals are removed through biological consumption of the chemicals.

For more information on water treatment systems and water management, stay tuned for the July issue.


While you wait for the July issue, check out our Digital Archives for past issues of our publication here.

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