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Tint World covers owner-chosen topics at SEMA Show

LAS VEGAS — At its National Convention held with the SEMA Show, the company will educate its franchisees with educational seminars and recognize several of its stores at an awards banquet.

LAS VEGAS — Tint World will hold its seventh annual Nation Convention and second annual awards banquet at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas through Nov. 7, according to a press release.

The SEMA show is held annually to showcase automotive aftermarket products and services exhibitors by manufacturers, distributors, industry associations and service vendors, said the release.

The convention draws thousands of automotive professionals and enthusiasts from around the world, noted the release. Tint World provides its franchisees training and networking opportunities at its national convention.

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Franchise CEO Charles Bonfiglio shared in the release, “The Tint World Annual Convention is a key ingredient to our franchise system success by providing franchise owners with special training seminars, round table discussions, shared business successes and we all get to tour the amazing SEMA Show and meet with our vendors and forge new supplier relationships in the automotive aftermarket.”

Tint World will present topics chosen after polling owners. Topics include “boosting confidence in sales, the national advertising and marketing program, computer POS systems usage, product knowledge, staff development” and more, reported the release.

Awards will be given out at the banquet that recognize the Best Performing Franchise, Most Improved Franchise, Rookie of the Year Franchise and more, added the release.

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