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Vandal destroys thousands of dollars of carwash equipment

INDIANAPOLIS — While the money stolen from Nascar Car Wash was relatively small, the damage left behind was extensive.


INDIANAPOLIS — According to an article on, when a business partner of Nascar Car Wash, located at 4855 Kentucky Ave., arrived at her business the morning of Dec. 10th, she found that someone had vandalized thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

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According to Tamera Derish Arthur, managing partner of the carwash, the vandal initially came between midnight and 1:00 a.m., as shown on security footage, and wrecked eight of the 10 vacuums at the wash in addition to trying to force open a couple vending machines, the article stated.

Arthur stated that only about $100 had been stolen from the vacuum coin boxes, but that the damage was so substantial, the repairs and replacement costs could number thousands of dollars, the article noted.

She also said that the vandal left the carwash for about 20 minutes at one point and then returned to find other sources of money, the article reported.


Security footage, the article noted, shows the vandal wearing a hoodie and riding to and from the carwash on a small bike.

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