BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Each week, the editors of Professional Carwashing & Detailing select a video from around the Web to raise awareness, spread education and/or share fresh ideas from around our industry.

This week’s video, featured on, shares the story of the Rising Tide Car Wash, located in Parkland Florida, where 35 of its 43 employees are autistic, including the son of the wash’s founder, John D’Eri.

“And Rising Tide views that as an asset, rather than a detriment,” says Michael Ballaban, contributing writer, in the article. “Many of the symptoms of autism include an affinity for repetitive actions, routine, and obsessive attention to detail, and while that can make things difficult in many jobs, those symptoms actually work to an employee’s advantage in the carwashing business.”

You can find the video, and read more about Rising Tide Car Wash, here.