FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Salt left on cars can cause significant damage and corrosion, resulting in the winter season being the busiest time of year for many carwashes, particularly for those located in Northern regions.

Carwash owners and operators must encourage customers to wash their cars frequently, especially the undercarriage, to help keep their vehicles stay in good condition.

Moreover, carwashes can expand their offerings to include car rustproofing services, which can help establish a stronger customer base while adding an additional source of revenue. You can learn more about rustproofing services here.

A recent stint of warmer weather steered several car owners to Mike’s Car Wash on West Jefferson in Fort Wayne to wash off dirt, grime and salt, a common occurrence during the winter season, according to WANE.

Due to the backed up traffic for the carwash, reported the article, Mike’s Car Wash called in the Fort Wayne Police Department to help direct traffic.

You can also watch the video here.