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Blog: Upsets, mindsets and positive outcomes

April 5, 2013
The Hoosiers are out of the tournament, upset by a swarming Syracuse team. In truth, I thought Indiana was over-rated...
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Blog: Simple steps for handing Jeep Cherokees

April 5, 2013
Here is the simple truth: Not every Jeep is a carwash accident, but most carwash accidents are Jeeps.
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Blog: Step it up, sign up!!

April 2, 2013
This short piece is for the two regular readers of this blog who have not yet made definite plans to attend and participate in the upcoming The Car Wash Show™...
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Read April's cover story: Better people = better results

The causes of turnover and how to reduce it.
March 29, 2013
The story was written by acclaimed industry veteran and expert, Steve Gaudreau.
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Blog: This is the industry game-changer!

March 28, 2013
Important, game-changing ideas and events need time to develop. It took Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin almost...
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Blog: Make this happen

March 26, 2013
Operators, you are in control of your fate. There are numerous challenges which you must encounter and overcome, for sure, yet I urge you to consider...
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iFLEX returns better than ever in 2013

March 25, 2013
Presented by Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA), the International Fast Lube Expo (iFLEX), is taking place April 29-May 1.
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Blog: Consultants and coaches

March 21, 2013
Management consultants have been around for more than a half-century. Business coaches emerged at the start of this one. Management consultants are very...
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Blog: A collection of wacky commercials

March 20, 2013
My latest blog is a rundown of some impressive, and not so impressive, carwash commercials.
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How has the industry changed?

March 19, 2013
From the Perry archive last week, I found an invaluable commentary from my fellow Professional Carwashing and Detailing...
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