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Goal-setting and multi-tasking

September 25, 2012
Need help setting goals? For best results, your goals also must be very specific, easily measurable and quite achievable for competent and properly-trained team members.
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Do you do anything special at your business for Halloween?

September 24, 2012
The weather is changing, and Halloween is just about a month away. How does your car care business celebrate the holiday?
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You are a winner!

September 21, 2012
An unlikely gambling win results in a $400 windfall. How would you spend it to improve your carwash? Mike Perry's latest Increasing Carwash Revenue blog provides some great ideas.
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Staying focused

September 19, 2012
Remember the battle for business is fought in the minds of prospective customers. You’ve got to make your detail business stand head and shoulders above the competition.
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What do you know now ...

September 17, 2012
that you wish you had known before you entered the carwash business? This seems like a simple question, but the answer can reveal a lot.
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What a great idea!

September 7, 2012
Observant carwash owners can look to other industries and retail locations to find plenty of good ideas for promotion and communication.
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Maximize this opportunity

September 6, 2012
Creating a regular shopping pattern is an important first step in building a larger customer base. If you are like me, maybe you too are...
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Do you know how to identify your customers?

September 5, 2012
You have to make sure you identify your key customers and then find out what is important to them.
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We reveal the top searches

September 4, 2012
A few company names made it onto the top 16 list, as well as a few specific additional profit center opportunities.
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The in-bay market recovers only when…

August 31, 2012
Given the current state of the in-bay market, my greatest concern is this: Operators will replace old washes with new ones only when wash...
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