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Articles by Kate Carr

Don't smack your gum

On my way to interview Gina Budhai for this month’s Profile in Success (read here), I stopped at a gas station in Williamsburg, VA, for a bottle of water. I
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The forgotten 38 percent…

Do you think new waterless carwash products are a threat to the automatic and self-serve carwash industry?” The majority of survey respondents (81.8 percent) answered in the negative and only
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A one-two punch

As I write this column, the average price of a gallon of gas in the United States is $3.20. By the time you read this column, some experts predict it
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A few minutes of your time

If anything could make an operator feel good about the carwash industry today, this is it. A new study conducted by the city of Federal Way, WA, has confirmed what
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